Can you hire a boat on the Broads?

Can you hire a boat on the Broads?

If you do one activity during your visit to the Broads National Park make it hiring a boat. Day boat hire is an affordable and fun activity that allows you to get onto the famous waterways of the Broads whilst enjoying the thrill of skippering your own vessel.

Is Wroxham Broad private?

Although the broad is privately owned you can navigate across it (no stopping) and can often see traditional sailing boats racing, particularly during the major Wroxham Week Regatta that is held in the last week of July.

Do you need a Licence to hire a boat Norfolk Broads?

No, you don’t require a license to a hire a boat on the Norfolk Broads. You don’t need to have had any previous boating experience, either. Our team will provide you with all of the training you need to confidently navigate your cruiser.

Which is the best part of the Norfolk Broads?

10 Sights on the Norfolk Broads you Won’t Want to Miss

  • How Hill. A real must see on your boating holiday is How Hill Trust.
  • Ranworth. A ‘must-see’ on any trip to the Norfolk Broads…
  • Thurne Mill.
  • Hickling Broad Nature Reserve.
  • Sunken Wherries on Surlingham Broad.
  • Norwich Cathedral.
  • Wroxham.

Can you moor anywhere on the Norfolk Broads?

Can we moor anywhere? You are welcome to sensibly moor anywhere unless stated “No Mooring”. There are many places that you can moor free of charge; however there are also places where there is a charge for mooring, such as the yacht stations at Norwich and Great Yarmouth where facilities are available.

Can you drink alcohol on the Norfolk Broads?

There is no specified limit, as there is with driving on a road. Nor can you be breath-tested. It is common for helmsmen/women to have a glass of beer or wine as they go along. They are on holiday.

Are there any boats on the Norfolk Broads?

We have 3 bungalows available for hire, situated along the Broads with stunning surroundings. Martham Boats provide everything you’ll need for a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads. Whether you’re looking for a classic motor cruiser or sailing holiday, we’ve got you covered.

When was Martham boats in Norfolk Broads founded?

Founded in 1946 Martham Boats is a family run, traditional, Norfolk Broads Holiday Boatyard.

Where can I hire a boat in Norfolk?

Ideally situated in the heart of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, on the River Thurne, we couldn’t offer a more beautiful setting for your holiday or day hire. The Charter Yacht Regatta takes place every year and competitors hire their boat for the week covering the regatta period.

Which is the Best Boatyard on the Broads?

Water, diesel, pump-out, moorings Summercraft is a well-respected family run boatyard with over 60 years experience. Their modern fleet of 2 to 8 berth cruisers include forward, aft and centre cockpit boats ideal for your family holiday on the Broads. Water, diesel, pump-out, moorings