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Can you go back to Junon Underwater Reactor?

Can you go back to Junon Underwater Reactor?

It is not possible to return to this area to collect the Leviathan Scales – make sure that you pick them up before boarding the submarine. Take a left before you go towards the other submarine and grab the Battle Trumpet weapon for Cait Sith out of the treasure chest at the end of the dock.

How do I get into the underwater reactor?

After you come to at the Under Junon Dolphin Offing, head back into Junon and ride the elevator to the path to the Underwater Reactor. Talk to the Submarine Crew huddled near the snarling dog and defeat them. Talk to the dog and chase it through the Submarine Dock and into the sub.

How do you spawn a Ruby Weapon?

The player must defeat Ultimate Weapon and then fight one random battle afterward to trigger Ruby Weapon’s appearance, although some players have reported Ruby Weapon not appearing at all, or that it appears but is invisible and the player can only initiate the battle by running into it by chance.

What is morph ff7?

Morph is a Command Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide the ability Morph. This ability performs a physical attack against an enemy at 1/8th strength of a normal attack; if it kills the enemy, it provides an item. Morph is also provided by the Master Command Materia.

How much HP does Ruby weapon have?

Ruby Weapon has 800,000 HP.

Where is the underwater reactor in Final Fantasy VII?

The Junon Underwater Reactor is a location in Final Fantasy VII. It is a mako reactor built underwater off the coast of Junon and provides power for the city. It is a massive complex on the ocean floor accessible from a pathway in the center of Junon.

Where is the underwater reactor in Pokemon HeartGold?

Locations Underwater Reactor. The Underwater Reactor is the Mako Reactor that powers the coastal city of Junon. It is an area that you can visit by traveling in to the depths of Junon but it can only be visited during the one time that the story of the game takes you through it. The team travels to the Underwater Reactor in order to retrieve one…

Where is the save point for the underwater reactor?

There is a Save Point in the third hallway. Ride the next elevator down into the reactor. Travel to the end of the hallway and then follow the pathway along. Press the red button on the far side of the elevator to reach the actual Underwater Reactor itself.

How do you get to upper Junon in Final Fantasy VII?

Travel back to Junon and enter the town from the side into Under Junon. Junon Speak to the guard standing in front of the elevator and pay him 10 gil to take you to Upper Junon as this is now the only way to reach the city on the surface.