Can you get USAA insurance without being in the military?

Can you get USAA insurance without being in the military?

USAA Insurance is one of the most popular and highly rated insurance companies in the United States, but USAA eligibility is only available to military members and their families.

Does USAA have low car insurance?

USAA’s rate is 36% lower than the average. To find these average rates, we created driver profiles with low mileage (6,000 miles per year). The profiles covered men and women in the 25-, 35-, and 60-year-old age groups with a medium level of insurance coverage, a good credit score, and a clean driving record.

Can you lose USAA membership?

Aside from becoming a member, it is also possible to lose eligibility for USAA membership. For example, if an eligible servicemember separates with a less-than-honorable discharge or if a former spouse remarries they lose eligibility.

Who is eligible to get car insurance from USAA?

Auto insurance from USAA is only available to policyholders who are affiliated with the military. You must be an active, retired, or honorably separated member of the United States Armed Forces to qualify for a policy. This extends to veterans and candidates in commissioning programs.

How do you contact USAA insurance?

Contact USAA by Phone. Alternately, you can call the USAA toll-free phone number — 1-800-531-8722 — which has been set up as a general assistance line. Calling the number and following the phone tree or asking for an operator will put you on the phone with a person who can find a local agent.

Who qualifies USAA insurance?

You must be “active military, former military, an eligible family member, or a cadet or midshipman” in order to qualify for USAA insurance, according to the USAA website. Eligible family members include “spouses, widows, widowers and un-remarried former spouses…

What does USAA insurance cover?

USAA’s standard home insurance policies cover your home and related structures, liability and medical payments when someone is injured on your property, and “loss of use” if your home is rendered uninhabitable. It also covers identity theft and military uniforms and equipment.