Can you get infinite worlds on Minecraft Xbox 360?

Can you get infinite worlds on Minecraft Xbox 360?

The 360 can’t handle ‘infinite’ worlds, period. And that means the PS3 & Vita won’t be able to either. Even the One and PS4 versions are only planned to have ‘bigger’ worlds (exact size TBD), not ‘infinite’.

Did Minecraft fix the diamond bug?

Minecraft 1.17’s emerald and diamond bugs are getting fixed 1 soon. Since the launch of 1.17, diamond ore has been generating one block off of where it should have been in Java Edition. That’s getting fixed in Java 1.17. This update also fixes a bug with emerald ore generation in Java.

How big is a Minecraft Xbox 360 World?

The usable area of an Xbox 360 world is 862 blocks X 862 blocks X 256 layers. Each chunk is 16 x 16 (same as PC), but there are far fewer chunks on the map.

Are there caves in Minecraft PE Old World?

Some generated structures never appear in the Old world type: Caves and canyons do not generate in this world type, making the underground area solid, although hollow areas occasionally appear. Tall grass and ferns do not generate as part of any biomes, though they can generate as part of village structures.

How many diamonds are in a Minecraft Xbox 360 World?

You can take the spawn rate per chunk multiplied by the total number of chunks to get a rough estimate. You can look up all those numbers yourself, but I’ll save you the trouble and just tell you it’s around 16,500 diamonds.

Are 1.17 bedrock diamonds rare?

World generation changes do not affect areas loaded in the 1.17 version. This means that even if a player updates to 1.17. 2, they won’t find more diamonds in areas created in 1.17. To experience the diamond fix, players will have to travel to newly unloaded areas in version 1.17.

Are diamonds fixed in 1.17 1?

1) Diamond generation is fixed Minecraft 1.17 update brought no new biome or world generation changes, but the diamond ore generation was still affected. This was an unintentional change and will be fixed in the upcoming 1.17. 1 update. Sadly, the chunks already loaded in 1.17 will be unaffected.