Can you find lunch boxes in the wasteland Fallout Shelter?

Can you find lunch boxes in the wasteland Fallout Shelter?

Send Explorers Out To The Wasteland Now, you can also score free lunchboxes by sending Dwellers out to explore the wasteland. Typically this is done in order to find more resources, but there may be times where they’ll stumble upon a lunchbox.

Does Mr Handy collect while offline?

The help screen says he will collect resources while offline. What this actually appears to be is that when you load up you will get some initial extra resources from the floors that he is on.

Is there a hack for fallout shelter on iPhone?

No problem. We’ve found an awesome new Fallout Shelter hack for iPhone and iPad users by a reputable member of the SinfuliPhone community. The hack will allow you max out your lunchboxes and caps while also allowing you to easily obtain other useful resources in the game’s store.

How do you get cheats in fallout shelter?

That’s it! Just close iFunBox, unplug your device, and start the Fallout Shelter game. If you did it correctly, the cheats should now be installed and you’ll have the max amount of food, medical supplies, materials, and resources while having the ability to craft pretty much anything.

How to get unlimited caps in fallout shelter?

How to Get Unlimited Caps in Fallout Shelter 1 Search through the app icons until you see the Fallout Shelter game icon. Double-click on it, and it should contain a… 2 Drag the newly downloaded documents folder into the Fallout Shelter app in iFunBox (You may be asked if you want to… 3 Disconnect you device, open the Fallou… See More….

What should I do to get more resources in fallout shelter?

However, there should always be care not to make rooms too large as the larger they are the more electricity they suck too. Fallout Shelter has a number of different objectives players should complete. Caps are needed for getting more resources and completing these objectives are a good way to gain caps.