Can you do a virtual tour of the Louvre?

Can you do a virtual tour of the Louvre?

You can take a virtual 360 tour of the Grand Gallery, which houses much of the Louvre’s Italian art. If you’re a Mona Lisa fan, the Louvre is offering the museum’s first virtual reality experience, which brings to life the story of the enigmatic portrait.

Are museum virtual tours free?

I will share all my favorite art museums that offer a 360 virtual tour that you can watch from the comfort of your couch. Thanks to the collaboration with Google art and culture, thousands of paintings, sculptures, installations are now online and free to be admired and enjoyed by anyone.

What makes a good virtual museum?

Museums are havens of knowledge, experience, and emotional resonance. Like museums themselves, these online presences should be a feast for the senses, a hub for user-generated content and an experience that showcases creativity.

How do you make a 360 virtual tour for free?

*Creating an account is free here.

  1. Step 1: click on Upload and then Create Interactive Experience.
  2. Step 2: click on the + sign to add your first 360 photo.
  3. In the editing screen, add more scenes by clicking on this button.
  4. Step 4: add titles, description and thumbnail.
  5. Click on Edit to edit your virtual tour.

Where to go on a virtual tour of France?

In this article, we put together 5 virtual tours of France that offer first-person views of France’s most famous landmarks, including: 1 The Cathedral of Notre Dame Paris 2 The Eiffel Tower 3 The Louvre Museum 4 The Palace of Versailles 5 Mont-Saint-Michel More

Are there any museums that have virtual tours?

Luckily, in this digital era many museums have put their collections online or created virtual tours that can help alleviate that boredom. Google Arts & Culture (which also has an app) has digitized the collections of numerous big museums, from the Van Gogh Museum to New York’s MOMA.

Is there a virtual tour of the Louvre?

The Louvre may be closed, but you can still access its many treasures online. The French museum’s virtual tour takes you to some of its galleries, including into the basement ruins of the building’s original moat, which dates back to 1190. Don’t miss the Egyptian antiquities, where you can learn more about the pharaonic period.

Can you take a virtual tour of the Musee d’Orsay?

While you’re staying at home during the COVID-19 crisis, take a virtual tour of this popular destination in Paris. You’ll experience a close-up tour of the unique building and some of its most popular collections.