Can you buy a decommissioned 747?

Can you buy a decommissioned 747?

Sure, the 747 is a Type Certified and airworthy aircraft, the FAA does not really care who owns it so long as they play by the rules. Boeing even sells them directly to the private market via their BBJ line.

What is the lifespan of a Boeing 747?

On average, a Boeing 747 can endure about 35,000 pressurization cycles — between 135,000 and 165,000 flight hours — before it’s time for retirement.

What is the longest range of a Boeing 747-400?

The 747-400, the latest version in service, is among the fastest airliners in service with a high-subsonic cruise speed of Mach 0.85 (567 mph or 913 km/h). It has an intercontinental range of 7,260 nautical miles (8,350 mi or 13,450 km).

What does Boeing 747-400 stand for?

B744 stands for Boeing 747-400 (airliner)

What is the fuel capacity in weight of a Boeing 747-400?

Boeing 747 Internals The 747-400 has eight fuel tanks, with a combined capacity of 57,164 gallons of Jet-A fuel. This amount weighs in excess of 380,000 pounds. (Pilots normally discuss fuel in terms of weight rather than volume.)

Is the 747-400 old?

The oldest Boeing 747 passenger jet flies for Mahan Air as EP-MNB. This aircraft is about 31 years old and flew first for United Airlines. The 747-400 spent some time on the ground before Mahan Air took it on in 2009. While Mahan Air kept the aircraft on the ground for some time, it came back into service in 2019 and has been flying since then.

How much is a Boeing 747 to buy?

In 2019, a single 747-8 Intercontinental cost $418.4 million. Meanwhile, the freighter variant was for sale for $419.2 million per unit. Comparing the cost of the initial 747-100, the price of the 747-8 is lower after taking inflation into account.

What happened to the pilot who flew over Ellis Park?

Johannesburg – Laurie Kay, the pilot best known for flying a Boeing 747 passenger jet low over Ellis Park before the final of the 1995 Rugby World Cup, has died at the age of 67.

Did a plane really fly over Ellis Park?

It’s 2.34pm on the afternoon of June 25, 1995 and Captain Laurie Kay and a skeleton crew is flying a South African Airways 747 over Ellis Park just minutes before South Africa and New Zealand run out for the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final.

How much does it cost to fly a 747 per hour?

The average hourly rental rate of the Boeing 747-400 is around 28,150 USD per hour.

Did a plane actually fly over the stadium in Invictus?

The Boeing 747 was empty save for a small crew during the flyover, making it highly maneuverable despite its large size. Director Clint Eastwood included the flyover episode in “Invictus,” the 2009 film about South Africa’s rugby victory that starred Morgan Freeman as Mandela.

How much can I buy a used 747 for?

Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned BOEING 747-400 is $20,000,000.00.

Are there any Boeing 747 aircraft for sale?


Is the Boeing 747-400 a double decker plane?

The large-sized Boeing 747-400 has been designed based upon previous versions of the 747 line, however, this resulted in the absolutely different jetliner with technology concepts. The Boeing 747 400 has taken a leadership role on the intercontinental passenger aircraft market thanks to its double-decker cabin capacity and fuel saving.

What can you do with a Boeing 747?

You can convert it into a restaurant, hotel, or a series of apartments to live in. You could even rent it out to tourists on Airbnb. You could also enjoy the clout that comes with owning a Boeing 747. Now, it’s easy to buy a Gulfstream jet or pay the paltry sum to create a NetJets or WheelsUp membership.

Where is the Boeing 747 that Prince Alwaleed is on?

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has a decked out Boeing 747 all for himself. Of course, you’ll have to pick up the plane from Orlando, Florida, and there are absolutely no refunds. Once you place a bid, you’ll get more information on how to fetch your plane.