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Can Taurus Judge shoot slugs?

Can Taurus Judge shoot slugs?

Judge revolvers will shoot birdshot, buckshot or slugs depending upon the shooter’s needs. Furthermore, the same revolvers will chamber and shoot . 45 Colt ammunition as well, opening up even more ballistic options.

What ammo can be used in a Taurus Judge?

The Taurus Judge is a five shot revolver designed and produced by Taurus International, chambered for . 410 bore shot shells and the . 45 Colt cartridge. Taurus promotes the Judge as a self-defense tool against carjacking and for home protection.

Can the judge shoot any 410 shells?

410-gauge shotgun shells (depending on the particular model). Because the barrel is rifled, the Judge is not considered a sawed-off shotgun or “dangerous ordnance” by federal law. Thus anyone who can legally own a firearm can own a Taurus Judge.

Can you use slugs in a 410?

410 for deer is a heated debate. Some hunters say it shoots as straight as a rifle, while others say a it’s far too small for deer, regardless of what shells you’re using. Well, YouTuber 77cletus has proven that from a close range, a . 410 shotgun slug can hit like a sledgehammer.

How accurate is a Taurus Judge?

The Taurus Judge is fast on target and plenty accurate enough for personal defense. A word to the wise, this is not the revolver to hotrod the . 45 Colt. Recoil is prohibitive even though the Judge is designed to be portable and light enough for field use.

What is the range of a 410 shotgun slug?

A 2 1/2” . 410 slug has 654ft/lbs at muzzle, 348ft/lbs at 50 yards and 211ft/lbs at 100 yards. Compare that to the 20ga, which has 1513ft/lbs at muzzle, then 931 at 50 yards and 648 at 100 yards.

What is a 410 slug good for?

410 shotguns loaded with shot shells are well suited for small game hunting and pest control; including rabbits, squirrels, snakes, rats, and birds. A . 410 loaded with 1/4 ounce slugs is effective against larger animals such as coyotes and deer.

How accurate is a 410 slug at 100 yards?

a rossi new single shot shotgun and the average 410 slug , how accurate would this be at 100 yards ?:anyone: Not great. The table above is from the Federal ammo site. Zeroed at 25, it will drop 6/5 inches at 100, 12 inches at 125. A 10 mph wind will move it 9.9 inches at 100, 15.4 inches at 125. At 100 you have 272 ft pounds of energy, 234 at 125.

What kind of slug does critical defense 410 use?

Unique to the Critical Defense 410, the .41 caliber FTX slug actually engages the gun’s rifling, and contacts the target nose on; enabling the patented Hornady Flex Tip technology to assist in expansion for greatly enhanced terminal performance.

How much do 410 gauge shotgun shells cost?

Find 410 Gauge Shotgun Shells at low prices here. We offer quality tested Shotgun Rounds for all of your hunting and shooting needs.Use our 410 Slug Ballistics Chart to find out exactly how your ammo is firing. Buyer’s Club $11.39 Non-Member $11.99 Buyer’s Club $46.54 Non-Member $48.99 Buyer’s Club $10.44 Non-Member $10.99

What kind of ammo is in a 410?

Sterling 410 Bore Ammunition STRLG36G410S 2-1/2″ 3/8 oz Slug 25 Rounds – Free Shipping with Buyer’s Club! Sterling 410 Bore Ammunition STRLG36G410GOLD 2-1/2″ 3/8 oz Gold Slug 25 Rounds – Free Shipping with Buyer’s Club!