Can solemn warning negate pendulum summons?

Can solemn warning negate pendulum summons?

A Pendulum Summon can be negated by cards that negate Special Summons like “Solemn Warning” and “Thunder King Rai-Oh”; however, if more than 1 monster would be Pendulum Summoned at the same time, then cards like “Thunder King Rai-Oh” or “Black Horn of Heaven” that specify they can only be activated when exactly 1 …

Can you Solemn Judgment a pendulum summon?

Are the 2 cards in the Pendulum scale zone destroyed? Solemn Judgment When a monster(s) would be summoned or a spell/trap card is activated: pay half your LP; negate the summon or activation, and if you do, destroy that card.

Is solemn warning at 3?

It’s fine at 3, same for super poly. They give control decks a way to fight guardragon cancer. Super poly is an ok punisher, Solemn isn’t necessarily one. You don’t punish combo decks anymore than other control decks with a generic negate.

Can solemn Judgement stop a normal summon?

Ultimate Offering: If you Normal Summon a monster at Chain Link 1 through the effect of “Ultimate Offering”, then “Solemn Judgment” and “Horn of Heaven” can be activated to negate the Normal Summon.

Is solemn warning still good?

Solemn Warning is usually strictly better than Strike because it stops so much more. Flip Summons, Normal Summons, and any effect that Special Summons are all capable of being stopped by Solemn Warning.

Can solemn strike negate link summon?

Solemn Judgment can negate Link Summons, but it cannot negate the effect of Crystron Needlefiber to summon a monster from the Extra Deck.

How do I stop the solemn strike?

You could even use Magic Jammer if you so wish to stop them, but Solemn Strike will not work. So just think of it like this: Solemn Strike stops Pendulum Summons, XYZ, Synchro, cards that special summon itself, and monster effects. Solemn Warning, stops ALL summons.

Can a solemn judgment negate a Pendulum Summon?

” Solemn Judgment ” cannot negate monster effects. ” Gorz the Emissary of Darkness ” is being Special Summoned by a monster effect. ” Solemn Warning ” does not have such a restriction as its effect includes the ability to negate monster effects as well. Solemn Warning can be used to negate the Pendulum Summon of 3 monsters.

Can a solemn warning be activated on a summon?

If a monster is being Summoned and ” Solemn Warning ” is activated in response to the Summon in order to negate it, then another ” Solemn Warning ” cannot be activated in the same Chain in order to negate that Summon.

What happens when you Pendulum Summon a monster?

When you Pendulum Summon, you can Special Summon as many monsters as you want from your hand and as many face-up Pendulum Monster Cards from your Extra Deck as you want, provided 2 conditions are true: You have a card in each of your Pendulum Zones.

What can solemn warning be used to negate?

Solemn Warning can be used to negate the Pendulum Summon of 3 monsters. Soul Charge: If Solemn Warning is used to negate the activation of Soul Charge, a second Soul Charge may be activated the same turn.