Can Mordin survive Tuchanka?

Can Mordin survive Tuchanka?

During Mass Effect 3’s main story mission “Priority: Tuchanka,” Mordin will need to stay behind in the exploding Shroud tower in order to successfully disperse a cure for the Genophage. Under the majority of playthrough scenarios, there is no way for Mordin to survive the blast and he will die as a result.

How do you get Mordin to survive me3?

How to Save Mordin Solus in Mass Effect 3

  1. Kill Wrex on Virmire (Mass Effect)
  2. Destroy Maelon’s data during Mordin’s Loyalty Mission (Mass Effect 2).
  3. Tell no one about the STG Sabotage on Shroud tower, and try to stall Mordin from going up the tower during his Loyalty Mission (Mass Effect 3).

Does Mordin always die?

No. The only way to save Mordin is to destroy the genophage data in ME2 with Wreav in charge of the Krogan. You can’t save both Mordin and Wrex. If Wrex is leading the Krogan, there is no way to peacefully convince Mordin to allow the sabotaged genophage cure to disperse.

Who replaces Mordin in Mass Effect 3?

The character was voiced by Michael Beattie in Mass Effect 2, though was replaced with William Salyers for 3.

Can you save Legion and Tali?

To save the two races, choose either the Paragon or Renegade option, which will tell Legion to upload the code while Shepard convinces the Quarian fleet to stop their assault on Geth ships. Tali and Admiral Koris backs Shepard up, and the firing stops with both the Quarians and Geth finally brokering peace.

Can you cure the Genophage without Mordin?

If Shepard chooses to use the Crucible for the synthesis of organic and synthetic life, the genophage is cured regardless of whether Mordin or Padok released a cure on Tuchanka.

Can you stop Thane from dying?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to save Thane in Mass Effect 3. No matter what decisions you made in the previous game, or what decisions you make in the trilogy’s third installment, he’ll always be mortally injured by Kai Leng.

What is wrong with Thane?

Thane is an alien, the lizard-like drell. With a croaking breath, he tells you he suffers from Kepral’s Syndrome, a lung disease that renders them unable to absorb oxygen and ultimately, to breathe at all.

Can you stop Tali from killing herself?

Significantly. your Quarian companion, either Tali or Shala’Raan, will ALWAYS die if this option is picked. Not even being in a locked-in Romance with Tali will prevent her from killing herself in grief.

What happens if Legion died in me2?

If it dies: Legion’s role will be replaced by a Geth VI, meaning you cannot bring peace between the geth and quarians and must instead choose between them. Whichever race you do not choose will become extinct and you will only get one War Asset as a result.

Is there way to save Mordin Solus in Mass Effect 3?

There is a way to prevent Mordin Solus from dying in Mass Effect 3, but it requires Shepard to make three specific Renegade choices over three games. In a war as massive and sweeping as the one against the Reapers in Mass Effect 3, it is not usually possible to save everyone.

Why did Shepard have to kill Wrex in Mass Effect 2?

Shepard will be forced to deal with Wrex one way or another. Normally, he can be talked out of it, but in order to save Mordin, Wrex has to die. Killing him ensures that he does not become the leader of clan Urdnot in Mass Effect 2 and the position will instead go to his brother, Wreav.

Is it possible to save everyone in Mass Effect 3?

In a war as massive and sweeping as the one against the Reapers in Mass Effect 3, it is not usually possible to save everyone. Fans of the Mass Effect series will inevitably find themselves making difficult choices about the fate of those in their squad, and, in some cases, will need to choose one companion over another.