Can Magic sleek damage your hair?

Can Magic sleek damage your hair?

For some clients, Hollbrook has issues making them realize Magic Sleek won’t be damaging, especially if they’ve been (literally) burned before. “Some people are apprehensive about it because they’ve had bad experiences with the other ones, whether it be the formaldehyde or making it too flat with no body.

Does Magic sleek contain formaldehyde?

The straightening process offers an alternative to keratin treatments, Japanese straightening and Brazilian blowouts and lasts for months. Unlike other straightening treatments, Magic Sleek is 100 percent formaldehyde-free and doesn’t contain the other harsh ingredients usually found in straightening procedures.

What’s better keratin or magic sleek?

Magic Sleek is a new hair straightening treatment similar to Keratin, only better! Magic Sleek lasts longer and is healthier because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and is 100% formaldehyde free containing no methylene-glycol. In short, Magic Sleek is the newest and best option out there to straighten your hair!

Is Magic sleek permanent?

Magic Sleek. Permanent, straight hair no longer has to be a struggle. Get stunningly straight locks while making your hair stronger with the Magic Sleek. Magic Sleek is an innovative salon service that instantly and permanently transforms coarse, curly, unruly hair to smooth, straight and manageable locks.

Is Magic sleek better than keratin?

Can you wash hair after Magic sleek?

There is no wait time for washing after Magic Sleek. How long do I have to wait to bleach my hair? There is a 2 week waiting period for highlights, balayage or any bleach after a Magic Sleek treatment.

How much does magic sleek hair treatment cost?

It cost about $250. Magic Sleek claims to straighten your hair permanently or allow you to keep your hair curly, frizz free, and shiny. I had Magic Sleek done twice, the first time it went terribly so I decided to go to the owner that created the actual treatment.

Is it worth it to use magic sleek?

I mean, after spending $100-$200 on a treatment, there is no way I’m going to let it wash out. Magic Sleek is a new treatment that works just like Keratin, however it is supposed to last longer, uses less harmful ingredients, and you can enjoy all summer has to offer because it won’t wash out.

What makes magic sleek hair product ” different “?

But, what makes Magic Sleek “different” is that it can permanently straighten the hair or keep curls if you would like while containing volume so it is not pin straight. Also Magic Sleek contains no formaldehyde. Before I review Magic Sleek, let me give you a little overview on my hair. I have A LOT of very thick wavy/curly hair.

Do you have to wear a mask for magic sleek?

For starters, Magic Sleek doesn’t include formaldehyde, so Holbrook didn’t have to wear a mask. He was free to tell me all about how he treated James Franco’s curls while Franco was shooting a movie in the humid NYC summer heat, or how he’s transformed Sarah Jessica Parker’s routine by making it much faster to get her hair camera-ready.