Can I have a Medusa piercing with braces?

Can I have a Medusa piercing with braces?

Yes, you can have lip piercing done with the brace without any problem, but it is better to wait until you have orthodontic treatment. The problem with piercing is that the back of the lip or medusa piercing will get stuck in the braces wire and it will be painful for your mouth.

Can you get a lip piercing if you have braces?

Oral Piercings & Orthodontics Oral piercings can cause additional damage and health problems if the individual is undergoing orthodontic treatment. Tongue or lip piercing may hit the braces when you’re talking or sleeping, and this can cause them to chip.

Do Medusa piercings ruin your teeth?

But many don’t realise their oral jewellery can cause damage to their teeth and gums; a result of constant rubbing between your piercings and your gums and teeth. When your piercings come into contact with your mouth, it can wear away important protective elements of your teeth and gums.

Can you get snake bite piercings with braces?

The simple answer to this question is yes: there is no greater harm from tongue piercings with braces than without braces. Your braces are not at risk of damage by the tongue piercing.

Is it bad to have a smiley with braces?

You should wait to get a smiley piercing if you currently have braces. It’s been done, but braces are just one more thing that your new jewelry can snag on, so it’s better to wait until the hazard has been removed. The jewelry will rub against your teeth and exacerbate these issues.

Do lip piercings ruin your teeth?

You’ve probably noticed that those with a pierced tongue or lip tend to play with the piercing a lot. This constant clicking and clanking of metal against teeth increase the likelihood of tooth damage – such as chipped teeth, broken teeth, and worn enamel – which can expose teeth to bacteria and decay.

Why are lip piercings bad?

Where do you get a medusa piercing on your face?

A medusa piercing would be found on the flesh just above your lip and below your nose. This is a very noticeable piercing, so it’s hard to hide or minimize. However, if you want a bold look, it can be a great choice. Decide if you want to incorporate other piercings. Medusa piercings are usually a single piercing.

How long does it take for a medusa piercing to heal?

Depending on the size of your lips, your body’s immune system, and how well you take care of your piercing during healing, the Medusa will take 6 -12 weeks to fully heal.

Is it bad to smoke after a medusa piercing?

Smoking is bad enough as it is, but if you can’t quit, you should at least try to take a break after you get a new medusa piercing. All the chemicals found in the smoke can seriously damage your exposed tissue. This could lead to either infection or at the very least slow down the regenerative process.

Can you get a tongue piercing if you have braces?

Your braces are not at risk of damage by the tongue piercing. However, there are general concerns from a tongue piercing that you should know about. These concerns are true whether you have braces or not. In fact, the American Dental Association cautions against mouth piercings in general.