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Are YZ125 reliable?

Are YZ125 reliable?

1990’s YZ two-strokes are fairly similar. In ’96 they made some changes that lasted until the end of 2001. These are still considered some of the best motocross bikes, especially the 1999 model. They are fast, reliable, and are just a great overall bike.

Is YZ 125 fast?

Paradoxically, while not as powerful or as fast, the YZ125 is a blast to ride. The added dose of power down low makes it easy to get the blue bike up to speed with nary a touch of the clutch. And while it may not match the KTM’s numbers at high rpm, it does rev to 11,700 rpm before falling off the pipe.

How many hours should you rebuild a 4 stroke?

A four-stroke top end is generally rebuilt at the 25-30 hour mark if you’re a regular racer, and more importantly on a 250F, which is typically ridden more aggressively. On a 450, or if you’re riding the bike under an ‘easy’ load, then rebuilding the top end between 30-40 hours will be adequate.

What does a YZ 125 rev to?

Q: HOW MUCH TORQUE DOES THE YZ125 HAVE? A: The 2020 Yamaha YZ125 makes its peak torque at 11,000 rpm. It produces 16.29 pound-feet of torque. The 2020 KTM 125SX makes 17.69 pound-feet of torque.

What was the year of the 1991 Yamaha YZ125?

For this week’s GP’s Classic Steel we are going to take a look back at the 1991 Yamaha YZ125. In 1991, Yamaha introduced an all-new YZ they hoped would finally claim their long-sought 125 class crown. The new YZ was boldly styled, brightly colored, but lacking in the one area most vital to 125 class competition.

When did the YZ125 dirt bike come out?

Lost in translation: In the summer of 1990, Dirt Bike Magazine was invited to try out the pre-production ’91 YZ’s and came away raving about how impressive the new bikes were. Inexplicably, however, once the production YZ125 was released, that rocket-fast pre-pro motor was nowhere to be seen.

What was the look of the YZ in 1991?

Swoopy new bodywork and a change of color from red to magenta gave the YZ a fresh new look for ’91. (1991 YZ125 left, 1990 YZ125 right) For 1991, Yamaha looked to capitalize on their momentum with an all-new YZ125. In 1990, The YZ had been a solid performer, but no stand-out in any one category.

What was the Yamaha YZ power plant in 1991?

Perhaps most important (and certainly most concerning to longtime Yamaha owners), was the YZ’s new power plant, which received a major overhaul for 1991. In the 125 class, power was everything, and if the YZ was going to finally win back the class title, the new motor had to be good.