Are there black Irish setters?

Are there black Irish setters?

A black Irish setter could be the setter in this setter-retriever cross (early wavy-coat). In Colonel J.K. Milner’s The Irish Setter: Its History & Training (1924), the author describes black and sable Irish setters, as well as the more well-known solid red and red and white dogs.

What is a black setter called?

Gordon Setters
Appearance. Gordon Setters, also known as “black and tans”, have a coal-black coat with distinctive markings of a rich chestnut or mahogany colour on their paws and lower legs, vents, throat, and muzzles; one spot above each eye; and two spots on their chest.

Can English setters be black?

Irish Setters are red; Gordon Setters are black and tan; English Setters are mostly black and white (blue belton) or orange and white (orange belton). The word ‘belton’ means that the spots are a blend of color and white, not solid dabs of pure color like you would see on a Dalmatian.

What breed of dog is a setter?

The setter is a type of gundog used most often for hunting game such as quail, pheasant, and grouse. In the UK, the four setter breeds, together with the pointers, usually form a subgroup within the gundog group as they share a common function.

What is the largest setter breed?

The Gordon Setter
The Gordon Setter is the heaviest and largest of the setters (the other three being the Irish Setter, the Irish Red and White Setter and the English Setter). These dogs are known for their stamina and intelligence.

What type of dog is a Gordon setter?

The Gordon is a Scottish breed who takes his name from the Dukes of Gordon. It was the fourth Duke who began to develop the black and tan setting dogs that were common in the area. At the time, they were known as Gordon Castle Setters and were renowned for their pointing ability, ease of training, and great stamina.

Are English Setters intelligent?

English Setters are smart, but they mature slowly and need gentle training with lots of positive reinforcement, never harsh corrections. Once they learn something, they don’t forget it, though. In the field, they range out from the hunter and make their own decisions, and that behavior can carry into the home.

Are Setters intelligent?

Irish Setters are intelligent dogs who are easy to train, although they require firmness and consistency to prevent them from taking advantage of you. Crate training is a must for your Irish Setter puppy.

What was the price of a black setter dog?

A black setter bitch called Peg was sold for 41 guineas while the price for setter dogs called Punch, Brush, Bob, Bell, Bounce and Sam varied from 17 to 32 guineas each. No colours were specified for the dogs. The first recorded field trial in the UK was held in April 1865 on the estate of Samuel Whitbread (MP) at Southill, Bedfordshire.

Can you breed a black setter with a red male?

When we bred the black setter (female) with our red male, there were a few red, a few black and three mahogoney colored puppies. The AKA would not acknowledge the black setters into the breed so our female could not be registered nor could any of the ten puppies.

What was the name of the first setter dog?

These became official breed classifications when The Kennel Club was founded in 1873. During 1806 in the UK there was a sale of setters. A black setter bitch called Peg was sold for 41 guineas while the price for setter dogs called Punch, Brush, Bob, Bell, Bounce and Sam varied from 17 to 32 guineas each.

What kind of dog looks like a black Irish Setter?

There were four completely black dog pups that just looked like black irish Setters and four golden bitch pups that looked exactly what you would expect a golden English setter to look like. The only bitch pup to be run on ended up like the palest Golden Retriever when mature.