Are Mainship trawlers any good?

Are Mainship trawlers any good?

A reliable, roomy design that encourages owners to take it easy. Of all the folks who head to the sea on yachts, I have always believed the luckiest are those who do so aboard trawlers. Mainship’s trawlers, with their unexpected comfort, good performance and excellent value, have allowed owners to do just that.

Are Mainship trawlers still made?

Today, Mainship Corporation is the leading manufacturer of production trawlers building 6 different models with many more on the drawing boards. Mainship, along with its sister companies in the Luhrs Marine Group, is an employee ownership company.

What type of boat is a mainship?

Mainship is popular for their Trawler, Cruisers, Motor Yachts, Aft Cabin and Flybridge among other classes and models. Overall these available boats have a medium-depth draft and exceptionally wide beam, attributes that make them ideal for overnight cruising, day cruising, saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.

What happened to mainship?

Indeed, Mainship gained a well-earned reputation for good value—it was simply a lot of boat for the money. But the economic downturn that started in 2007 was too much for the parent company, which also owned Hunter Sailboats, Luhrs and Silverton, and it filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

Where are helmsman trawlers made?

Helmsman Trawlers builds its vessels in Fuzhou, China, at a yard that has been engaged in the manufacture of mid-sized trawlers since 2006, and currently is represented in Florida by Massey Yacht Sales, and by Waterline Boats in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

Is mainship a good brand?

The company’s middle-of-the-road approach was very successful, as its product line offered traditional good looks, decent quality and reasonable pricing. Indeed, Mainship gained a well-earned reputation for good value—it was simply a lot of boat for the money.

Are Silverton boats still made?

Silverton Yachts is currently owned by Egg Harbor yachts, a New Jersey boat builder. Luhrs eventually sold Silverton after building many motor yachts, sportfish convertibles, and express cruisers for a successful reputation.

Are helmsman trawlers good boats?

We believe Helmsman Trawlers® are the finest trawler yachts available for sale – at any price. Helmsman Trawlers low-rise pilothouse and sedan layouts provide visibility astern from the helm while reducing windage and rolling when compared to other vessels.

How much does a mainship 400 trawler cost?

If you have earned the right to slow down, the Mainship 400 Trawler would be an ideal choice for exploring the waterway or poking about the islands. Our test boat, with a single engine and just about every option, was priced at $324,714.

Do you have to take your shoes off on mainship trawler?

Mainship’s newest “trawler” delivers maximum cruising enjoyment with minimum fuss. Before stepping aboard the new Mainship 430 Trawler, I asked marketing director Chip Shea if he would like me to remove my deck shoes. Smiling, he replied, “No, don’t worry about it. If you need to take off your shoes, you’re on the wrong boat!”

What kind of Hull does mainship 430 trawler have?

The 430’s fiberglass hull has a solid laminate bottom, with weight-saving cored construction above the boot top, in the decks, and in the superstructure and interior. The deck liner is molded as a single full-length piece so that when joined to the hull it essentially forms a unibody.

What kind of room does a mainship trawler have?

The two-stateroom layout I tested is Mainship’s response to that demand, offering a versatile, open saloon that’s as comfy as a family room. One key element here is the use of free-standing modular furniture, rather than the customary built-in settee and dining table.