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Are Fender Telecaster necks interchangeable?

Are Fender Telecaster necks interchangeable?

Fender Modern Player necks are non standard and not interchangeable. All other Fender Tele necks will fit Fender and Fender licensed bodies with the caveat that a small amount of sanding may be necessary.

What is the thinnest Telecaster neck?

aidB Tele-Meister The thinnest I’ve ever encountered was on a ’74. My ’73 is very thin.

Are Tele and Strat necks interchangeable?

Most guitar bodies and necks employ the Stratocaster shape, which is rounded at the end. However, bodies and necks from the Telecaster family use a heel that is squared. In a pinch, a Strat neck will fit and intonate in a Tele-shaped pocket, but the reverse is not true.

How deep should a neck pocket be for a guitar?

Most everyone makes neck pockets that are 5/8″ or . 625″ deep except Fender. They have made them in various depths and current Strats are not .

Can you put a longer neck on any guitar?

Yes, but you would have to adjust the body to accomodate the neck scale, so it would be a 25.5 inch body.

Where to buy a tl-62 Telecaster Custom reissue?

List your Fender TL-62 Telecaster Custom Reissue MIJ today to get it in front of thousands of eyes, quickly and easily. Learn more on the Seller Hub.

What kind of pickup does a Fender Telecaster have?

The Original Vintage Fender Telecaster Pickup Set provides you with two pickups that give you extremely accurate vintage Tele twang, as well as the warmth and edge that people have expected from Fender for over 60 years.

What kind of wire is a Telecaster neck pickup made of?

These pickups are built with Alnico 3 magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire the same materials and specifications of an early 1950s Telecaster pickup. The bridge pickup sports the traditional copper-plated steel base plate.

What kind of neck pickup does a Fender guitar use?

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