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Are Egyptian Mau cats rare?

Are Egyptian Mau cats rare?

This breed is extremely rare and it is estimated that there might be as little as 3 000 Maus worldwide today. And did you know the Egyptian Mau is the fastest of all domestic cats?

Do Egyptian Maus like to cuddle?

Despite her high energy levels, she adores curling up in your lap for a snuggle session. She’s great with playful children and other cat-friendly pets who can keep up with her active and energetic lifestyle, though reserved and wary around unfamiliar guests.

Are Egyptian Maus friendly?

Their unique characteristics make them great pets. They are friendly and playful. They might be skittish around people they don’t know but they are rarely violent. Egyptian Maus are outdoorsy and active cats.

Are Egyptian Maus lap cats?

The Egyptian Mau is known to be an extremely loyal cat, and while it bonds closely with other family members it often selects one or two family members as its “special person.” The breed is very affectionate, usually seeking lap time or a ride on your shoulders, typically vocalizing its pleasure with a series of chirps …

Do all Egyptian Maus have green eyes?

Maus come in six colours. From most to least common, these colours are silver, bronze, smoke, black, caramel and blue/pewter. Black and pewter Maus cannot be shown, but may be used in breeding. All Maus must have green eyes, but an amber cast is acceptable in kittens and young adults up to eighteen months old.

How long do Egyptian Maus live?

Coat: Short, fine and silky, with a high sheen that looks after itself. However, most Egyptian Maus love the feeling of being brushed. Life span: Around 15 years. The Egyptian Mau’s endless energy usually means a long and active life.

What kind of cat is the Egyptian Mau?

The native Egyptian Mau is a subdivision of the Nile Valley Egyptian Cat. The cat fancy’s Egyptian Mau was developed in Europe and the USA. Semi-longhair versions of the Nile Valley Egyptian Cat arose through interbreeding with cats that were not native to Egyptian; these are bred separately as the Shirazi Mau. SHIRAZI MAU

What kind of build does an Egyptian Mau have?

The Egyptian mau has some muscle definition, although it should not be overwhelming to the cat’s general balanced appearance. The muscular development may be most pronounced in its neck and shoulders, especially if your particular cat loves to climb and leap. This muscular build adds to the cat’s agility and flexibility.

What to do if you think you have an Egyptian Mau?

Talk to a reputable breeder. In order to get verification of your cat’s breed, consider talking to an expert in the cat’s potential breed. If you think you have an Egyptian mau, contact a breeder of Egyptian maus and ask if they would consider consulting with you about your cat.

What are the colors of the Egyptian Mau?

Native Maus are found in a wider range of colours and patterns. In addition to the accepted bronze, silver and smoke varieties, the Native Egyptian Mau can be found in golden (red), blue and cream.