Are Dell Computers TAA compliant?

Are Dell Computers TAA compliant?

Dell bases its TAA certification for bundled peripherals on the country of origin of the Dell information technology product within the IT System. However, if purchased separately, these peripherals are considered end products, and are not TAA-compliant if they originate from a non-designated country.

What is Dell federal support?

For over 20 years, Dell has supported public sector IT programs and government customers. We help you implement proven strategies and technology solutions for successful governance. Federal Government: We understand the guidelines, budgets cycles and regulatory requirements that define and drive your IT environment.

Does Dell have government discounts?

Dell: Dell is another large tech company that offers special discounts to Government employees. Dell Honors employees and retirees of the Federal Government and their families with up to 30% computer discounts and best price guarantee for members. Go to to receive your discount.

What is TAA compliant computer?

A good or service is TAA-compliant if manufactured or substantially transformed in the United States or manufactured in a TAA-designated country. A TAA-designated country is a nation with which the U.S. maintains a trade agreement and regards as a reliable or acceptable procurement source.

Does Dell have military discount?

Dell Military Discounts We proudly salute our military and their families with savings of 10% off PCs and electronics.

How do I talk to an American at Dell?

If you decline all or some non-essential cookies, this may impact your site experience and our ability to provide certain services, features or offers. You may no longer see ads that interest you….Consumer & member purchase sales support (phone)

Home & home office 1-877-717-3355
Member purchase program 1-800-695-8133

How much discount do Dell employees get?

In short, everything in the Employee Purchase Program shares the same pricing and promotions as DELL.COM/Home, then you apply your 7% discount!

What is Dell member discount?

Members get a special 10% coupon to save on Electronics and Accessories. Members get a special 10% coupon to save on Electronics and Accessories.

Who needs TAA compliant?

What is required for TAA compliance?

TAA requires that products must be produced or undergo “substantial transformation” within the United States or a designated country, including countries that have reciprocal trade agreements with the United States, Caribbean Basin countries and certain “least developed” countries.

How much is Dell employee discount?

VMware employees are invited to participate in Dell’s Employee Purchase program. As a Dell Technologies employee, you can save an additional 17% off Dell Consumer PCs and E&A, Small Business PCs, and Dell outlet PCs.