Are Citroen Nemo any good?

Are Citroen Nemo any good?

The Citroen Nemo is smaller than the Berlingo, but still roomy. It’s easy to drive, but newer rivals are smoother. It’s easy to see the appeal of a really compact van. They’re cheap to buy, offer great fuel economy, and are much easier to navigate around crowded city streets than a full-size panel van.

How much does it cost to tax a Citroen Nemo van?

Standard Trim

Annual Road Tax Six-monthly Road Tax
1.3 HDi 5d EGS £30.00 N/A
1.4 HDi 8v 5d £30.00 N/A
1.4 HDi 8v 5d SensoDrive £30.00 N/A
1.4i 8v 5d £210.00 £115.50

Is the Citroen Nemo still made?

Citroen Nemo (2008 – 2017): At A Glance Citroen’s Nemo, along with its Fiat and Peugeot cousins, has been around since 2008 to offer van buyers a compact exterior with a surprisingly large load space inside.

What weight can a Citroen Nemo tow?

Cabin & Luggage

Doors 5
Seats 5
Luggage Capacity 360 litres
Unbraked Towing Weight 400kg
Braked Towing Weight 1000kg

How big is the back of a Citroen Nemo van?

Maximum width is 1,473mm, narrowing to 1,046mm between the wheel boxes, while maximum height is 1,205mm. Rear loading height is 533mm. The usefully-square rear door aperture is 1,067mm high and 1,140 mm wide while the dimensions for the side door aperture are 1,041mm and 644mm respectively.

Can a Citroen Nemo tow a caravan?

Towing weights – It is probably illegal to tow a trailer or caravan over 1185 kg with this vehicle as this is widely considered to be dangerous and if you are caught you may face prosecution.

Can a Citroen Dispatch tow a caravan?

PAYLOAD AND TOWING CAPACITY The Dispatch is also able to tow up to 2.5 tonnes when it’s hooked up to a braked trailer which increases its versatility as a work and leisure vehicle.

How much weight can a Citroen Nemo hold?

With a load length of 1.52 metres and an amazing loadspace capacity of 2.5m3, Citroën Nemo is also capable of carrying a whopping 660kg payload. And with a low load sill it can easily swallow all kinds of heavy cargo and secure loads with robust, built-in anchorage points.

What kind of gearbox does a Citroen Nemo have?

Citroen Nemo SensoDrive. The SensoDrive `box is mated to the Nemo’s 1.4-litre HDi diesel engine. It’s an automated manual gearbox with a mechanical clutch taking care of the shifting on command and negating the need for a clutch pedal.

Can a SensoDrive gearbox be used on a Nemo?

In Some Countries The C1 1.0i Petrol Engine Can be specified with the SensoDrive Gearbox. Like The Nemo it dosen’t have Steering wheel paddles to change gear but the gear lever is in easy reach if you want to drive in manual mode or put the selector into (E) Easy Mode and lets the gears change automaticaly.

Is the Citroen Nemo van a good car?

Because the Nemo is based on a car – the Fiat Punto – it’s no surprise that it drives like one. The power-assisted steering is light and the van handles well. The downside is stiff and bouncy suspension, most noticeable when lightly loaded, which does not make for a smooth ride. It can be thrown off by potholes and bumps.

What kind of gearbox does Citroen SensoDrive have?

An electronically controlled manual gearbox, the SensoDrive features electronically managed clutch and gear-shift functions. As a result, the car has no clutch pedal and the gear lever – which remains present – has no mechanical link with the gearbox.